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Former NFL defensive lineman, Super Bowl XXXVI Champion, and recovering addict, Brandon is committed to leading others to positive outcomes in their life by sharing his journey & expertise both on and off the field.



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"Extraordinary growth comes from extraordinary challenges: thriving in recovery is possible."

- Brandon Mitchell

At a glance


As a defensive lineman in the NFL for 8 seasons with the New England Patriots & Seattle Seahawks, Brandon learned valuable skills from his time in the league.

The dedication to teamwork and seeing how no matter someone's background, that coming together as a team for a shared goal, both the team and the individual can. accomplish great things.


He carries these learnings with him today and applies them in his life and with others he mentors & coaches.


Navigating the challenges and complexities on the field and off – from rising star in the NFL to learning how to navigate his own addiction recovery off the field – gave Brandon his passion and life's calling to help others.

Often referred to as a “gentle giant”, Brandon has the unique ability to connect with people in the throes of addiction in ways that others cannot. From sharing his own journey -- both the highs and lows -- to being an example of how it's possible to thrive in recovery, his passion comes thru with every person he encounters. 

With an extensive range of treatment facilities in his professional network and certified to transport clients to drug treatment centers, he is committed to helping others with addiction.


Brandon continues his own journey of personal growth in this space, including being a member of the inaugural 2019 class of the Onsite Leadership Academy for key members of the behavioral health industry and partnering with Acadiana Intervention.


A proven leader in both sports and life.


From motivational speaking on sports & his amazing story of personal perseverance, to teaching inmates in local jails skills for growth & personal development, Brandon's story and passion motivates everyone he engages with.

His NFL experience draws people in but his life lessons and passion for coaching others inspires everyone he encounters - from large scale speaking endeavors to one-on-one meetings. 





From NFL defensive lineman & Super Bowl champion...





Crawfish plant processor


Correctional facility teacher

Addiction & recovery leader

Motivational speaker

Thriving in life....

Brandon's story isn't about the negative side of the fame and fortune the NFL can bring. It isn’t a story solely about addiction. His is a bigger story of one man’s self-discovery and the strength of the human spirit that being both an athlete and an addict enabled.

When Brandon won the Super Bowl in 2001, he realized he was not fulfilled even though he had achieved something many young boys only dream of. Over the coming years his addiction continued to rob him the joy of the success he was experiencing.

Upon leaving the NFL, he found himself struggling with not only addiction, but redefining his identity away from a sport he had played for over 20 years. In the darkest depths of his addiction, he lost everything and had to start over.

And that is where his personal journey truly begins. Refusing to fail, Brandon started his sobriety journey and began to redefine himself and learn new skills to rebuild his life. Failure was never an option when he played football and wouldn't be an option in life.


Starting a grave digging company, he began to learn the ins and outs of running a business.  Brandon also saw opportunities in the fishing industry and became a self taught fisherman -- from operating a boat to navigating the waters -- and in many ways a metaphor at that time for his life journey he was embarking on.

He continued over the years to work in various industries, roles, and step by step, come back from the devastation of addiction. 

As he continued to build both his life and self back up, he found his calling telling his story and helping others.

Now over 10 years sober, Brandon's drive and determination continues to fuel his personal and professional life today. Playing in the NFL was part of his career, but helping others is his personal calling which addiction and recovery helped him to discover.

Today, he partners with addiction industry leaders, coaches & mentors others, and volunteers his time for numerous charity events, including his ongoing support of SoberBowl as a featured guest since its founding.


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